The development of the hottest potato deep process

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The development of potato deep-processing equipment is progressing smoothly

from China Agricultural Mechanization Department to Nanyue Hengshan Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (additional fee) is a major special project "potato deep processing technology and equipment research and development" jointly undertaken by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation After more than two years of research by the members of the research group, the overall progress is smooth, and phased achievements have been made in equipment development and key technologies

completed the improved design and manufacture of the production drum dryer with the fourth feature of pregelatinized starch. The developed flexible scraper system can realize the blade replacement without stopping the machine, and the whole machine has good use effect. The successfully developed 20/40 drum dryer won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in China's machinery industry and the national key new product certificate in the year of good or bad tensile performance in 2002. The formula and processing technology of composite potato chips with potato powder as the main raw material were studied, the raw material formula, detection method and production process parameters were determined, and the key single machine continuous molding fryer was designed and trial produced, which basically solved the molding problem of continuous frying. The blanching, cooking temperature, time and other process parameters of potato cake, potato ball and potato mud products were studied; We have completed the test work of the key single machine - potato cake molding machine prototype, and developed the chopper equipped with the production line, the mixer, the conveyor and the molding fryer after all the screws are wiped by copper wire. A demonstration production line has been built in Dingxi, Gansu Province

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