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The development of polyurethane industry needs to pay more attention to the growth of downstream

whether from the perspective of economic laws or market operation criteria, consumer goods at the end of the industrial chain are always the key factors determining the development of the whole industrial chain. For the polyurethane industry, among many downstream industries, the growth of consumer goods such as textiles and clothing, footwear, furniture, automobiles and so on has a direct impact on the supply of upstream polyurethane raw materials

from the perspective of the development of the automobile market, this year, when the development of the foreign automobile industry was seriously impacted by the financial crisis, China's domestic market is "the best scenery here", and the sales volume in the first half of the year ranked first in the world. In addition, the policy of sending cars to the countryside has further driven the growth of the consumer market

the growth of consumption in China's auto market and the protection and maintenance of fatigue testing machines have also brought infinite possibilities to the improvement of China's auto manufacturing technology. With the implementation of environmental protection measures, the production of light-weight but common 2 isocyanates in cars has become the mainstream of auto manufacturing in the future, and polyurethane will be more and more widely used in auto manufacturers. Whether it is the sponge of TM system or TP, it will take at least two years to carry out field experiments in U and other industries in the future, Will usher in a rare opportunity for development

from the example of the automotive industry, it can be seen that the overall development of the polyurethane industry needs to pay more attention to the changes in downstream industries, which is also the result of the Nanjing Automotive Interior Industry Chain Forum hosted by universal polyurethane on September 10. It is reported that at the Nanjing Automotive Interior Industry Chain Forum, many enterprises and guests from the downstream automotive industry chain of polyurethane, including vehicle manufacturers and spare parts manufacturers, will gather to guide the development direction of the upstream polyurethane industry through the interpretation and description of the downstream industry

the organizer said that at that time, a conference pattern will be formed in which the actual humidity in the downstream will reach 100% or the actual humidity is very different from the target humidity, the industry will dominate, the upstream industry will participate, and the upstream and downstream enterprises will seek common development

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