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The development of plastic machinery must be further refined. Relevant data show that by 2015, the total output of plastic products in China will reach more than 50million tons. The good development prospect of the plastic processing industry is becoming the driving force for the rapid development of China's plastic machine manufacturing industry, especially some models with high scientific and technological content, good performance and relatively moderate price, such as super large, precision, energy-saving, environmental protection, special injection molding machines, low-temperature, high-power single screw extruders, and multi-layer coextrusion blow molding machines for the production of high impermeability and heat-resistant packaging materials, Blow molding machines that produce industrial parts (auto parts, etc.) are expected to have a good development prospect

with the technological progress and market development in foreign countries, China's plastic machinery industry must accurately grasp the operating rules and characteristics of the market economy, develop unique technologies and equipment, and meet the needs of specific markets. This part of the circuit discretizes the analog voltage signals obtained previously into digital signals, and uses high-quality and efficient equipment to meet the needs of users. At present, low value-added general-purpose products have appeared structural surplus, and low-level price vicious competition is hindering the technological progress of the whole industry. Therefore, Chinese plastic machinery enterprises must update their concepts, accelerate the transformation of economic growth mode, and promote technological innovation. The main models will also show different development characteristics in the future

injection molding machine

in recent years, due to the rapid development of injection molding machine, at present, except for mainframe, the supply of general specification injection molding machine has exceeded the demand, and the sales volume is difficult to maintain 1/3 of the peak period. However, for some high-tech injection molding machines, their market demand is gradually stronger. The main manifestations are: first, the demand for all electric and all hydraulic precision injection molding machines has increased. The main market of such products is electronic communication, audio-visual, home appliances, automobiles and other industries. These industries have higher requirements for processing conditions, so the requirements for the precision of injection molding machines have also been improved. As the above-mentioned industries are sunrise industries with great room for development, the demand for such injection molding machines is also rising. Mr. Bai, 46, has been Shen for many years. Second, the hollow injection molding machine has developed rapidly. Due to the stress failure of plastic parts in the vibration state, it has always been a major problem in automotive full plasticization and other engineering applications. The combined application of a variety of rubber and plastic materials, coupled with hollow injection molding technology, can effectively improve this defect. This market demand has promoted the rapid development of hollow injection molding machine. Third, new injection molding machines are attractive. New injection molding machines with air assisted and water assisted devices have a large market in the near future, especially in household appliances, automobiles, construction and other industries, because their products have high requirements for appearance and attach great importance to service life, so these new injection molding machines are more attractive


due to technological breakthroughs, the application market continues to expand. In general, the extruder market can maintain a slight upward momentum. However, the sharp decline in the market price of domestic extruders is unavoidable. If there are phenomena such as rough manufacturing and price war, it will seriously affect the overall image and market competitiveness of domestic plastic machines, and also hinder the development of plastic processing industry

in the past two years, a German company, Klaus mafi, has concluded a deal with China and delivered more than 100 profile production lines. In the plastic door and window and pipe processing industry, most of the powerful enterprises are looking for imported equipment, which can not be said to be a pity for domestic enterprises. In the future, the market of extruder host and production line will develop in the direction of improving the technical content and reducing the price. At present, domestic main engines are basically conical twin-screw and single screw extruders, with relatively mature technology and the largest market sales. However, the general specifications of such products have exceeded the demand, and can only maintain 50% - 60% of the market peak. In the future, the focus of host products is to develop parallel counter rotating twin-screw extruders, and develop towards the sixth and seventh generations, as well as high-speed and large aspect ratio. The development direction of single screw extruder is large diameter, large aspect ratio and smooth exhaust. In fact, single screw extruder is a low-energy, low-cost model. As long as the technology is appropriate, it can basically achieve the efficiency of twin-screw extrusion. For example, most of the plastic extruders used in the United States are single screw extruders, which replace the twin-screw extruders because of their high technical content

blow molding machine

because the blow molding machine has the characteristics of low price (about 1/3~1/2 of the experimental machine products developed by the injection molding machine to display experimental data and results), low energy consumption (in injection molding, the pressure in the mold cavity is 15mpa~140mpa, while the inflation pressure of the parison during blow molding is generally less than 1MPa), strong adaptability and so on, it makes up for the shortcomings of the injection molding processing method, so that the molded industrial parts have a high degree of integrity and good comprehensive performance With high added value and low cost, although blow molding machines account for the lowest proportion of the three plastic machines at present, they will maintain a strong development momentum in the future and are also the models with the most development potential

auxiliary equipment, such as mixer, crusher, feeder, heater and other auxiliary equipment, is an important part of the plastic production line, which directly affects 6 Absolutely prevent experimental explosive effects on product quality and production efficiency. At present, domestic manufacturers of such auxiliary machines are overwhelming, but the varieties and specifications are basically within the same range, and it is difficult to compete with imported machines technically. In addition, most imported plastic production lines have been equipped with the above auxiliary machines, which reduces the sales volume by a part. Therefore, the domestic auxiliary machine market is highly competitive, and the market capacity does not match the number of enterprises. The future development focus of this kind of products is: models with ultra-fine crushing, vacuum filtration, low noise, high-speed crushing and other functions

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