The development of the hottest photovoltaic market

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On August 1, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on improving the electricity price policy for solar photovoltaic power generation. Insiders generally believe that the policy is conducive to the establishment of a long-term and clear industrial development plan, allowing photovoltaic enterprises and investors to clearly judge the development prospects of the photovoltaic industry, so as to have confidence in further investment in this field. It can be predicted that the photovoltaic application market is likely to start to flourish

The accelerated development of the photovoltaic market will once again drive the production of polysilicon, an important raw material for photovoltaic. For equipment manufacturers, this means that the demand for a new type of transformer polysilicon reduction furnace transformer will be greatly reduced, but the impact strength will decrease and increase. The industry survey predicts that in the next few months, the demand for reduction furnace transformers required by the polysilicon industry will reach 3000, and with the development of the solar photovoltaic power generation industry, the market demand will increase unabated

in fact, after the ups and downs of polysilicon market demand in previous years, equipment manufacturing enterprises are somewhat hesitant to invest in polysilicon reduction furnace transformers

boguixiang, deputy general manager of epoxy dry transformation Business Department of CEC (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., said that the polysilicon market demand was strong in 2007, and there was a large demand for polysilicon reduction furnace transformers in the domestic market; In 2008, the situation suddenly changed, and the photovoltaic industry suddenly entered a low ebb. The asynchrony of oil cylinders in related industries is mainly affected by the accuracy of synchronous valves, and few people pay attention to products; Now, the national development and Reform Commission has issued the photovoltaic power price policy, and the polysilicon industry has become hot again, but many enterprises do not know how to choose

Bai Guixiang had an answer in his heart. His choice was to do things as soon as possible. He believes that entering the new energy power equipment market is the development direction that many power equipment manufacturers must pay attention to

at present, the competition in the conventional transformer market is extremely fierce, and the 12th Five year plan proposes to vigorously develop emerging industries, which contain unlimited business opportunities. Therefore, no matter what the market situation is, enterprises should not give up this strategy and should continue to look for new markets from emerging industries

as far as polysilicon reduction furnace transformers are concerned, there are also great opportunities in this market. And until now, there are not many domestic manufacturers producing this kind of transformer

the reason is that due to the special polysilicon reduction process, a group of leading enterprises with strong representation, great industry influence, strong production and operation strength and high management level should be selected, and customers attach great importance to the performance of transformers. Bai Guixiang said that at the initial stage of polysilicon reduction process operation, the transformer of polysilicon reduction furnace is required to provide high voltage and low current; At the later stage of reduction, low voltage and high current are required. In the process of polycrystalline silicon, the temperature in the reduction furnace should always be maintained at about 1100 ℃. All this depends on the power regulating cabinet connected to the reduction furnace. The transformer provides power to the power regulating cabinet. During the reduction process of polysilicon, the silicon rod is likely to fall and break, which is equivalent to a short circuit or three-phase load imbalance for the transformer. Therefore, the anti sudden short circuit ability of the transformer is highly required

therefore, whether in terms of industry demand or the number of competitive enterprises, now is a good time to enter this field

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