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Zoomlion high end agricultural machinery unveiled at the 6th China

Zoomlion high end agricultural machinery unveiled at the 6th China Asia Europe Expo

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recently, the 6th China Asia Europe Expo opened in Urumqi. The theme of this Expo is "the Belt and Road to discuss, build and share", attracting more than 700 enterprises. As a service provider of overall solutions for agricultural production mechanization, Zoomlion appeared with pl2304 and rs1604 high-end high-power tractors, which attracted extensive attention from merchants from countries along the "the Belt and Road"

located in the center of the Eurasian continent, Xinjiang is not only an important agricultural production area in China, but also the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. In recent years, Zoomlion agricultural machinery has actively contributed to the development of modern agriculture in Xinjiang, while vigorously expanding international cooperation with Central Asia, Eastern Europe and other countries

the agricultural machinery products exhibited by Zoomlion in this exhibition are the main remember models widely used in Xinjiang. Pl2304 tractor is a multi-purpose and efficient tractor with advanced technology. It adopts a full power shift gearbox, which can shift gears without stopping under various operating conditions, and is competent for various load operations. With its high efficiency and strong power, it has become the main model for farmland operations in Northeast and Northwest China. Rs1604 tractor has ideal working speed and high efficiency for various operations; The double oil cylinder strong pressure lifter can meet the matching needs of a variety of composite machines and tools, and the quick coupling is faster and more convenient; The rear wheel spacing is stepless and 1kW adjustable, which can meet various agronomic requirements

in the production of cotton spring ploughing and spring sowing in Xinjiang, Zoomlion high-power Tractors Equipped with auto drive system have played an important role in improving operation efficiency and accuracy. It is understood that the Zoomlion agricultural machinery auto drive system has broken through the bottleneck of "non straight sowing and inaccurate connection". Compared with the manual driving tractor sowing operation, it minimizes the waste of land and agricultural materials, and plays a great role in improving the planting efficiency and increasing production and income of farmland, leading the new direction of precision agriculture development in Xinjiang

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