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Zoomlion high-end concrete pump truck creates a new world legend

Zoomlion high-end concrete pump truck creates a new world legend

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Guide: after 20 years, Zoomlion concrete machinery has developed into a global leader in concrete machinery and equipment manufacturing, with its products all over the world, innovative technology leading the development of the industry, creating a legend in the history of pump truck development in the world. Now, in the fierce competitive environment, Zoomlion is

after 20 years, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into a global leader in concrete machinery and equipment manufacturing. Its products are all over the world, and innovative technology leads the development of the industry, creating a legend in the history of pump truck development in the world

now, in the fierce competitive environment, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. has created a series of new industry-leading technologies with its excellent R & D team and deep R & D experience: multi ARM technology, shock absorption technology, ultra-high pumping technology, carbon fiber series pump truck and its key technologies. At the same time, 16 national major scientific research projects have been completed successively; Won 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award; There are a number of awards, such as ministerial and provincial science and technology awards, China standard innovation contribution awards, and technology patents. In 2010, "ultra high pressure pumping equipment and construction technology" won the first prize of the annual machinery industry scientific and technological progress award; In 2012, "carbon fiber composite boom series pump truck (including 80m) and its key technology" passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology, filled the industry's technological gap, and led the product innovation and technological progress of the global concrete machinery industry

the rapid development of concrete machinery companies cannot be separated from a cross-border merger and acquisition - in 2008, Zoomlion acquired the Italian CIFA company, which originally ranked third in the world in the manufacturing of concrete machinery, and established the international management company of concrete machinery, setting up a global collaborative research and development platform. Through integration and innovation, it developed and launched a series of high-end concrete pump trucks in the field of traditional steel boom pump as its development direction

at that time, the haze of the financial crisis had not dissipated, and the whole market continued to be weak. Saving costs and maximizing benefits have become the most concerned topic in the concrete machinery manufacturing industry. At that time, pump trucks with more than 42 meters boom in the industry used four axle chassis. Although everyone knows that the three axle chassis is much cheaper than the four axle chassis, with stronger site adaptability and higher cost performance, the vast majority of peers still gave up the research and development of long boom pump trucks based on the three axle chassis - because the focus of the original "line" supporting more than 40 tons is to reduce the loading of pump trucks of automotive chemicals to about 30 tons, It has almost become an insurmountable gap. After repeated research, the leaders of the concrete machinery company decided to integrate CIFA high-end technology and launch the three axle chassis medium and long boom series pump truck

according to previous development experience, it takes an average of 4 months for a pump truck to prepare a plan and produce a production map. In order to provide the best "weapons" for marketing personnel, the 47m R & D project team of Sanqiao of concrete machinery company carried forward the spirit of "fighting for strength, time, market and efficiency", and formulated a strict R & D schedule. At the same time, the scientific and technological innovation of this pump truck can't be vague: the project leader, on the basis of the original boom lightweight technology, fully integrated and absorbed the Italian CIFA company's many years of pump truck boom research and development experience, repeatedly analyzed and excavated the boom, legs, underframe and other key components, and designed a lighter and more stable boom system. In addition, the boom structure, hydraulic system and energy-saving technology of the pump truck have been comprehensively improved

in this crucial battle, the engineering technology center of the concrete machinery company invested 50 engineering and technical personnel to design and develop a 47 meter five arm concrete pump truck with a three axle chassis in just 30 days. The maximum cloth height of this pump truck is 47 meters, which is the longest concrete pump truck with 6x4 chassis upper boom in the world. It was developed and mass produced in that year, and achieved good economic benefits

for the concrete pump truck with the same meter, the 6-arm pump truck is 2 floors more than the 5-arm pump truck. While the whole industry is still addicted to following the trend in the research of Zoomlion's three axle chassis long boom pump truck, the engineering technology center of concrete machinery company, in conjunction with CIFA R & D personnel, launched a four axle six arm series long boom pump truck (m) in line with the market. Due to the bionic design of the boom, the product has more combined cloth forms, higher effective cloth height and wider cloth range. Once the product was launched, it was immediately sought after by the market. In April this year, it launched the world's first three bridge 49 meter 6-SECTION all steel boom pump truck. In June this year, the world's longest five bridge 63m 6-arm all steel boom pump truck was launched, which is known as the "king of the best cost performance of pump trucks in the world"

aiming at the key and common technical problems in the development of the concrete machinery industry, the concrete machinery company has established the most fully functional comprehensive experimental field of concrete machinery in China, and established the industry's first large tipping moment arm structure fatigue test bench, pumping unit test bench, mixing test bench, remote monitoring guarantee test bench, virtual prototype design and manufacturing platform, product parallel integrated development platform and other test platforms, A series of key technology research work has been carried out to solve the bottleneck problems that restrict the performance and quality improvement of concrete machinery products, and research work has been carried out in basic technology, engineering design, advanced manufacturing technology and industrialized production, so as to promote independent innovation of enterprises and drive the technological progress of China's concrete machinery industry

while paying attention to the original innovation and integrated innovation of technology, concrete machinery companies attach great importance to the digestion, absorption and re innovation of imported technology, and strive to form a technological innovation mechanism. The engineering technology center of concrete machinery company adopts IPD integrated product development management mode, establishes a cross functional project team, runs through the whole product development process, and realizes the management of the whole product life cycle. Such a management structure mode makes it truly market-oriented, and improves resource utilization and R & D depth

"you will be at the top of the mountain and see all the small mountains." After 20 years of trials and tribulations, and 20 years of hard work, from the "first pump of Zoomlion" in that year to now leading the development of high-end concrete pump trucks in the industry, Zoomlion also checked whether the oil circuit from the oil tank to the oil pump was connected with the strong sustainable development and innovation ability and product technology leadership of heavy industry concrete machinery company, which made it stand at the peak of the global concrete machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. In the future, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to hold high the banner of innovation, give full play to the role of integration, and offer better products and technologies to create an international Zoomlion, so as to create brilliance again

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