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Zoomlion keteli hydraulic successfully passed the AAA standardization certification

Zoomlion keteli hydraulic successfully passed the AAA standardization certification

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on September 18, a team of 6 experts from Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality and vibration reduction technology supervision visited Zoomlion keteli hydraulic company to review and accept its application for "national 3A standardization good behavior enterprise"

the expert company is about to make a move. First, the team inspected the company's production site, and focused on the production workshop, warehouse, paint line and paint booth. Then, the expert group checks and scores the company's technical strengthening standard system, construction standard system, management standard system and work standard system item by item according to the "standardized good behavior confirmation rating table". During the inspection, the expert group also made detailed inquiries about full-time and part-time standardization personnel and people in relevant workshops and departments. Finally, with a total score of 432 points, it successfully passed the on-site confirmation of national 3A standardized good behavior enterprises

standards are the "bellwether" of enterprise product quality, technical level and management ability. Zoomlion attaches great importance to standardization work and also puts forward complete and strict standardization indicators for subsidiary companies. As a supporting enterprise of Zoomlion, after obtaining the "2A" level in 2013, Teli hydraulic continued to pay close attention to the work related to creating "3A", and established a company standardization committee with the general manager as the chairman, two vice general managers as the vice chairmen, and the ministers of 10 departments including the Research Institute, technology department and human resources department as the members, so as to implement all management work of standardization

through continuous improvement in the past year, telehydraulic has formed 795 enterprise standard systems with technical standards as the core and management standards and working standards as the support, covering the whole process of enterprise production and operation, and playing a standard technical support and guarantee role in standardizing enterprise management and ensuring product quality. At the same time, according to the requirements of a series of standards of the enterprise standard system, the company has formulated standardized management measures, and established and improved the enterprise standard system with technical standards as the main body and management standards and working standards as a whole

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