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Jinmailang urgently recalled instant noodles with excessive acid value

original title: jinmailang recalled instant noodles with excessive acid value

Beijing News (Li Jing, Yin Cong) on the recent incident of excessive acid value of instant noodles exposed by the media, yesterday, jinmailang company issued a statement saying that the company had urgently set up a working group to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident, and the exposed batches of products were only sold in Sanmenxia and Yuncheng areas. At present, these products have been urgently recalled

Beijing supermarket has not been taken off the shelves.

jinmailang company said in a statement released yesterday that after the relevant media reported the matter, the company urgently set up a working group to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident. After verification by the working group, the tested batch of products were produced by our subsidiary Shanxi Yuncheng jinmailang Food Co., Ltd., and the batch of products were sold in Sanmenxia and Yuncheng areas. At present, the company has organized relevant personnel to conduct an emergency and comprehensive recall of this batch of products

in addition, jinmailang said yesterday that the investigation results of this reason and the re inspection results of the application will be released to the public next week. Jinmailang company said yesterday that the products with excessive acid prices detected this time were only sold in Sanmenxia and Yuncheng areas, but not in the Beijing market

yesterday, we didn't see jinmailang "Jinye Ramen" instant noodles involved in the case in Beijing Dongzhimen China Resources Supermarket and Hualian Supermarket. The salesperson said that their supermarkets had not sold jinmailang's "Jinye Ramen". However, in guangminglou Huapu supermarket, I saw jinmailang's "material first Jinye Ramen" instant noodles on the shelf, but the salesperson said that he had not received the relevant notice and was not aware of jinmailang's acid price exceeding the standard. However, the salesperson said that if consumers have purchased the product recently, they can return it according to the regulations with a small ticket

it is said that jinmailang has given up re inspection

on July 11, China Henan channel reported that during the routine spot check of instant noodles by the Henan Provincial Department of industry and commerce, jinmailang was exposed that the acid value of many types and batches of instant noodles exceeded the standard. Industry experts say that high acid value may cause diarrhea and damage the liver. On the same day, jinmailang company said that it was actively applying to the relevant national departments for re inspection

the report pointed out that according to the introduction of industrial and commercial personnel, many unqualified instant noodles investigated and dealt with by jinmailang are market hot-selling products, including "Jinye Ramen", "yiyuanwang spicy beef noodles", etc

according to yesterday's media reports, the oil return valve was closed. On July 12, an unnamed staff member of the publicity and Education Department of Sanmenxia Administration for Industry and Commerce said that after the test results came out, the Bureau notified jinmailang's dealers within five working days, and the dealers contacted the manufacturers themselves. Today, the Mailang dealer didn't ask for re inspection

according to the requirements of the working system for food sampling inspection, if the tested unit fails to propose re inspection within the specified time, it shall be deemed to have automatically waived the re inspection requirements. It is understood that the relevant industrial and commercial departments sampled some products of jinmailang in May

the staff member also said that Sanmenxia Administration for Industry and Commerce had seized a total of 211 cases of unqualified jinmailang products, and in recent years, it has become a new hot material for functional modification, imposing penalties on dealers, who have also accepted the penalties, but did not disclose the specific details of the penalties

for the statement of giving up the re inspection, the relevant person in charge of jinmailang company was contacted yesterday, but as of yesterday's press release of Japan daily, he did not reply to this question

■ relevant

local supermarkets have been taken off the shelves. Jinmailang

since July 11, jinmailang was exposed that the acid price exceeded the standard, many local media have reported, and caused some supermarkets around the country to take its products off the shelves

from yesterday to the deadline, the media in Wuhan, Changsha and other places reported that some local supermarkets have started the off shelf procedure to remove jinmailang related products. However, the media in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places reported that local supermarkets have not taken measures to take off the shelves

■ tips

high acid value will damage the liver

according to the analysis of insiders, instant noodles are fried operational factors that affect the shear strength: there are many reasons why the acid value of food exceeds the standard, but the most common reasons are that manufacturers buy low-cost unqualified raw materials to save costs, the oil used for frying raw materials is unqualified in acid value, or they do not replace and recycle the frying oil for a long time. In general, a slight increase in acid value and peroxide value will not damage human health. However, if the acid value is too high, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and liver damage

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