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Eight predictions that car service stores must understand

chain franchise is not your only choice. Selling products every day for discount and promotion ultimately makes you lose money! The future has come, but we are powerless? To meet the future, you only need to change yourself now! Understand the eight predictions of car service stores

prediction 1: return to

traditional beauty and maintenance service stores will return to the service standard from selling products to improve service quality and increase service items in exchange for profits

prediction 2: communication

in the era of mobile Internet, community economy and word-of-mouth communication will affect the whole industry. Consumers of general automobile quick repair and maintenance projects will choose more nearby communities with high consumer evaluation and can connect to computer service stores

I would like to say three things about some new products such as microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine models that our unit has never produced: professional

major automobile failures or serious damage due to accidents will be rescued in time. Through the network alliance, 4S stores and large brand special repair service stores will strengthen the appointment maintenance service items

prediction 4: upgrade

for automobile upgrading, refitting and other projects, consumers will refer to the construction of contract service stores with enterprise product authorization and professional training on the industry professional platform

prediction 5: convenient

the purchase of original auto parts or homogeneous parts will be more convenient and fast. The product quality can be traced back to the manufacturer by mutually increasing the capacity of acrylic resin for optical materials, which is more conducive to consumer rights protection

prediction 6: break the situation

break the market monopoly, and 4S stores will participate in the competition of community service stores. The price of quick repair and maintenance is close to that of traditional quick repair shops, and the traditional community automobile repair shops will be naturally eliminated or upgraded, and the stores lacking project skills will be withdrawn due to blood loss

prediction 7: diversion

community service stores will jointly promote consumers more closely with manufacturers through the Internet o2o diversion platform to attract consumers to participate in service evaluation. Those physical stores with good service quality will be strong, while service stores with a lack of Internet marketing awareness will face a serious shortage of customers

prediction 8: talents

professional automotive service talents will be lacking due to the rapid growth of demand for a long time. The internal training of service stores and how to retain talents will determine the fate of the development of service stores under the Internet reform. Service stores should not only improve the service level, but also improve the service quality

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