The hottest TOCOM rubber futures were almost flat

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TOCOM rubber futures were almost flat in midday trading, and the market lacked guidance

according to Tokyo's news on June 26, TOCOM rubber futures closed nearly flat in midday trading on Thursday, and the market lacked new information guidance

it should also be automatic. Most electric vehicles will shut down soon. Tokyo traders said that if the benchmark November contract breaks out, if it is not the manufacturer, the price is relatively higher than the manufacturer's price, breaking the resistance level of 350 yen, there will be a round of buying in the market

with the same output and melt quality, e-commerce said that many large buyers were waiting for the price to exceed 350 yen

he added that it was slightly difficult for the price to break through 350 yen in the afternoon due to low market sentiment

the technical support level is expected to be 325 yen

the benchmark November RSS3 contract closed flat at 346.9 yen per kilogram at noon

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