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Planning for the "12th Five Year Plan" requires "eight essentials"

-- we should have a clear understanding of the new risks that may be brought about by the changes in the international and domestic industry development environment

during the "12th Five Year Plan", the development environment of China's petroleum and petrochemical industry is facing many new and profound changes. First, the global financial crisis has not yet passed, and there is still great uncertainty in the future development. In the post financial crisis era, the global political and economic pattern, as well as the international financial order and related systems and regulatory mechanisms will have new changes; Second, due to various factors such as the financial crisis and the continued eastward shift of the focus of the world's petroleum and petrochemical industry and consumption, the time, characteristics and trend of the new round of global petrochemical boom cycle will likely show new changes different from the past; Third, although the Doha round of the WTO has not made progress, the free trade area has become an important means and occasion for major countries to carry out strategic cooperation and competition. In particular, the establishment and development of China ASEAN Free Trade Area and the China Gulf Cooperation Council free trade area under negotiation have a great impact on China's petroleum and petrochemical industry; Fourth, international trade protectionism will further rise, technical barriers to trade will increase, and chemical safety is becoming a new trade protection barrier. Now Jinan Shijin will share with you the installation method of electronic tensile testing machine; Fifth, domestic Dr. Deakin added that the marketization process will continue to be comprehensively deepened and promoted. The market players of the petroleum and petrochemical industry will be more diversified, the competition will be more intensified, and the policy environment for the development of the industry will also have new changes

-- it is necessary to predict and respond to the further increase of the restriction degree of resource bottlenecks

with the strong growth of China's economy, the consumption of oil and natural gas has always maintained a rapid growth trend. It is predicted that in 2015, China's total oil demand will increase to 500 ~ 530 million tons, and the degree of external dependence is likely to rise to about 60%; The consumption of natural gas will reach 200billion cubic meters, and the degree of external dependence is likely to reach 25%. The bottleneck restriction of oil and gas resources will be further increased and aggravated. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the annual average price of international oil prices is expected to remain at a high level of $75 ~ 110/barrel, and the international natural gas price will gradually rise. This will bring greater risks and challenges to China's petroleum and petrochemical industry

-- there should be good strategic consideration and arrangement for the rapid development and expansion of international cooperation and international operations.

it has been nearly 20 years since Chinese oil enterprises implemented the "going out" strategy. It shows the characteristics of "larger and larger projects, wider and wider fields, and more and more ways". By 2015, China's overseas equity oil and gas production is likely to be close to 100 million tons, and the overseas oil and gas production will be close to 200 million tons. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, international cooperation and international operations will move from "going out" to "going in" and "going up", and enter a new period of strengthening development and further expansion. China's petroleum and petrochemical industry must do a good job in strategic planning and arrangement, solve deep-seated problems such as systems and mechanisms that affect further development, improve the management of international operations, and strive to improve international competitiveness

-- how to coordinate the development of the industry with the development of regional economy, and how to connect with industrial clusters and downstream industries should be strategically planned and farsighted

in recent years, the state has implemented the overall strategy of regional development, launched a number of economic development zones in the East, central and west of China, formulated and approved the corresponding regional development plans, and how to develop the petroleum and petrochemical industry during the "12th Five Year Plan", It is a strategic and overall event that needs to be carefully planned to integrate well into the regional economy and achieve the effect of coordinated and mutually beneficial development. At the same time, the petroleum and petrochemical industry is a basic energy and raw material industry. How to support the industrial upgrading and better development of the downstream chemical industry, material industry and material processing industry with a large number of categories, and how to do a good job in the connection between industries and the coordinated development of industrial clusters is also a major event that needs to be well coordinated and arranged during the 12th Five Year Plan period

-- we should have a good grasp of the scientific layout, scientific demonstration, investment and production rhythm and scale of large-scale refining and chemical projects and appropriate macro-control

-- we should have clear development strategies and goals for the further reform and development of large state-owned petroleum and petrochemical enterprises under the new situation, and formulate practical measures. During the "12th Five Year Plan", several major petroleum and petrochemical enterprises in China should further deepen the reform, promote management innovation, solve the deep-seated contradictions in the reform and development, and promote the reform of systems and mechanisms; At the same time, we should take specific measures to further improve the overall scale strength, technological innovation ability, market development ability, profitability and return ability, sustainable development ability, operation and management ability and international competitiveness of the enterprise, and do a good job in the adjustment and optimization of business structure, product structure and layout structure according to the needs of the situation and the market, so as to bring the development of the enterprise to a new level

-- make comprehensive deployment and appropriate arrangements for the industry to meet the needs of low-carbon economy and sustainable development in the future.

the petroleum and petrochemical industry should make comprehensive deployment and appropriate and reasonable arrangements to meet the needs of low-carbon economy and sustainable development during the 12th Five Year Plan period. First, we should straighten out the price policy, improve the market system, and speed up the development of the natural gas industry; Second, we should further save energy, reduce emissions and increase efficiency, and accelerate the development and utilization of low-carbon related technologies, green technologies and advanced energy conservation and consumption reduction technologies; Third, we should adjust the product structure and energy structure; Fourth, we should strengthen the training of technical and management personnel required by the low-carbon economy, and use modern information technology to strengthen our own carbon emission management and energy conservation and emission reduction efficiency

-- it is necessary to have clear ideas on how to change the development mode of China's petroleum and petrochemical industry, realize the development from big to strong, and step to a new level

China's petroleum and petrochemical industry should really do a good job in adjusting the structure and changing the development mode, so as to make China's petroleum and petrochemical industry truly reborn and comprehensively grow from big to strong. First, in terms of overall development, we should form a new intensive development model driven by scientific and technological innovation, necessary capital investment and low resource consumption, and characterized by effective investment, low energy consumption, low emissions, high efficiency and high efficiency; Second, in terms of the development of the upstream field, we should form a development mode that pays equal attention to oil and gas, develops both conventional oil and gas and unconventional oil and gas, and based on domestic and strengthening international cooperation, we have organized a resource and gas force entry project construction compatible development mode with rich construction experience; Third, in the development of refining and chemical industry, we should form an connotative and effective development model that pays attention to the degree of intensification, investment effectiveness, product quality and competitiveness, development quality and integrated development; Fourth, in terms of management, we should form a modern and market-oriented management mode characterized by paying attention to the construction of enterprise culture, constantly deepening fine management, improving the quality and efficiency of development, and maximizing the overall benefits; Fifth, in terms of scientific and technological progress, we should form a new model of development based on independent innovation and integrated innovation

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