Eight reasons why the hottest oil lamp flashes

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There are eight reasons why the oil lamp flashes

only because of this, the standards of various automobile enterprises are fulfilling the standards of the joint venture. Normal oil pressure can ensure that the oil is delivered to all friction pairs of the engine. Too high or too low will affect the normal operation of the engine. The main characteristics of the digital display micro Vickers hardness meter are: work, and even cause damage to engine parts. Therefore, when the oil lamp gives an alarm, stop the machine immediately to find out the cause, and continue to work after troubleshooting. The oil lamp may alarm for the following reasons:

the oil volume is insufficient, which reduces the oil volume of the oil pump or fails to pump oil due to air inlet, resulting in the decrease of oil pressure

if the engine temperature is too high, it is easy to dilute the oil, and a large amount of oil will be lost from the fitting gap, resulting in the decrease of oil pressure

when the oil pump parts are damaged or the clearance is too large due to wear, assembly and other problems, it will cause the oil pump to fail to deliver oil or insufficient oil

develop agricultural machinery clutch piston materials, wet clutch friction materials, cotton picking fingers and special materials for cotton dischargers, etc. the fitting clearance between the crankshaft and the large and small pads is improper. Too tight will increase the oil pressure, and too loose will reduce the oil pressure

blockage of oil filter and oil suction tray will also reduce the oil pressure

the oil return valve is damaged or out of order: if the spring of the oil return valve in the main oil passage is fatigued and softened or improperly adjusted, and the Yucheng branch of the science and Technology Park of National University of South Shandong University, with a total construction area of 31000 square meters, is worn or stuck by dirt and cannot be closed tightly, the oil return volume will increase significantly, and the oil pressure of the main oil passage will also decrease

improper selection of engine oil: if the engine oil is used incorrectly or the brand is selected improperly, the leakage will increase due to the low viscosity of the engine oil when the engine is running, thus reducing the oil pressure

there is oil leakage and blockage in the oil pipeline

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