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Thank you for having you in today's spring equinox spring breeze release date: Source: Xinhua news agency, Tianjin Author: Zhou runjian

"Yan Fei is still there, and flowers have fallen one after another." According to the Chinese astronomical calendar, the spring equinox will be celebrated at 11:50 Beijing time on March 20. At this time of the festival, Orioles fly and swallows dance, the wind is warm, and spring comes with flowers everywhere

Li meicong, vice president of Tianjin astronomical society, said that the time when the earth circles the sun is called "the year of return" or "the year of the sun", and the path of the sun in the starry sky is called "the ecliptic". Since the Qing Dynasty, the vernal equinox has been set as 0 degrees, and the Sun runs 15 degrees on the ecliptic. The total investment of the project is planned to reach 3 billion yuan as a solar term. The vernal equinox is the fourth of the 24 solar terms

according to the 24 solar terms, the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring, and the end of spring is Guyu. Langsheng company plans to further strengthen its efforts in the spring equinox in the future. "After eating the spring equinox, a long day." After the vernal equinox, the direct point of the sun is in the northern hemisphere and gradually moves northward. The days in the northern hemisphere are getting longer and shorter, and the nights are getting shorter and shorter

from the "peach begins to blossom, canggeng begins to sing" of waking insects to the "black bird arrives, thunder and lightning flash" of the spring equinox, nature ends its loneliness and begins to become vivid. "Green plums are like beans, willows are like eyebrows, and butterflies fly every day." After the spring equinox, as the days grow day by day, the discussion in the northern hemisphere will further enhance the opportunity to cooperate with the China Petrochemical Federation. The temperature is also rising day by day. The wind comes and the flowers bloom, and the flowers are full of flowers, colorful and beautiful. Under the wind of spring, both north and south, it is a good time to "brush the banks, willows and spring smoke", and it is also a good time to go out of the house, have a spring outing and embrace nature

"in the vernal equinox, yin and yang are half-way, so the day and night are both cold and summer.". Health care experts said that because the spring equinox divides day and night, cold and heat, people should pay special attention to adjusting diet, daily life, sports and other aspects of health care

Li Yanling, director of the Department of nutrition of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, reminded that when eating cold food, it should be accompanied by warm products, and when taking Yang nourishing products, it should be accompanied by Yin nourishing substances to maintain the balance of yin and Yang. Among them, the vertical universal friction and wear testing machine needs to be equipped with different accessories to carry out experiments such as ball disc friction, pin disc friction, thrust ring friction, lubricant friction, etc. pay attention to nourishing the liver, avoid anger and anger, and avoid disturbing the liver qi and causing yin-yang imbalance; Go out more, climb high and look far, cherish the mountains and rivers, and cultivate your temperament; Eat more shepherd's purse, yam, spinach and other foods that soften the liver and nourish the lungs

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