The hottest TOCOM rubber futures rose modestly in

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TOCOM rubber futures rose moderately in midday trading, trading in the market range

according to Tokyo on April 18, TOCOM rubber futures rose moderately in midday trading on Friday, supported by crude oil, but the number of follow-up purchases was lower than expected, which depressed the market

Singapore traders said that the weakness of the yen should have pushed the price of rubber futures up by about 1.5 yen, but it was not

traders pointed out that a large fund has bought a long position equivalent to 10000 tons of rubber, and may be interested in taking profits at present, which will drive the price down

the benchmark RSS3 contract rose 0.8 yen in midday trading in September. With the awareness of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, all systems can reach the accuracy of 0.5 level and close at the support level of 295.0 yen per kilogram

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