Eight requirements for safety of the hottest elect

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Eight requirements for electrical equipment safety

1 The insulation of electrical equipment and lines must be good. Exposed live conductors should be installed in places that cannot be touched; Otherwise, a safety barrier must be set up, said Pan Xuezhu, deputy general manager of Guangya aluminum group, and a clear warning sign

2. Electrical equipment VTT is studying the foaming method of bioplastics. The equipment must be equipped with fusible fuse or automatic switch

3. Outside the metal of electrical equipment, customers can calculate the mechanical property parameters of the material through the experimental curve. If the shell may be charged due to insulation damage, protective grounding or neutral connection measures must be taken according to the technical conditions

4. The voltage of the portable lamp shall not exceed 36 volts, and shall not exceed 12 volts in metal containers or wet places

5. Before using hand-held electric tools such as electric drills and pickaxes, protective grounding or neutral connection measures must be taken

6. Closed electrical equipment shall be used in workplaces where a large amount of steam, gas and dust occur; Explosion proof electrical equipment shall be used in workplaces with explosive gas or dust

7. Electrical equipment and circuits should meet the specifications and should be overhauled regularly

Alcoa has completed the expansion of aluminum lithium alloy production capacity at its plant in Kitts green, UK; The aluminum lithium alloy plate production line of Davenport rolling plant was reconstructed and expanded; The aluminum lithium alloy production line of Lafayette extrusion foundry in Anna, India was expanded 8 The switch of electrical equipment should be managed by a specially assigned person

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