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Zhang Yu: a few days ago, an audience friend from Guangdong told us that there was a very special electrical appliance city in Dali Town, Foshan, Guangdong, called HUAFA electrical appliance Plaza. The printers, fax machines and copiers sold in this electrical city are all foreign garbage secretly transported from abroad. Is that true? Our made an unannounced visit to HUAFA electric appliance mall in Dali town

Dali town is located in the middle of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Here, it is easy to find the HUAFA square called by the audience Xiao Guo. Xiao Guo told him that his own work unit was near HUAFA electric appliance square. After work, he often came here for a stroll. He came more often and gradually saw some doorways

insider Xiao Guo: when the vendors bought those things back, they were all rotten things. After they processed them, they made up the accessories and parts themselves, because I knew these things when I saw others made them. After packaging it, they deceive unknown consumers and sell it as a new thing

is it really like what Xiao Guo said? I decided to go to the market and have a look in person. HUAFA square in Dali Town, Foshan City covers an area of only 67000 square meters, which is divided into five districts a, B, C, D and E. there are more than 90 merchants in total, each of which has a facade of 780 square meters. When I walked in, I found that almost every household is equipped with all kinds of printers, copiers and fax machines

: how much is this printer

shop owner: 550 screw out the MS plug on the oil pump

: is there a warranty period for this

shop owner: we are all engaged in wholesale

: is the quality OK

shop owner: those are all effect machines. Take them back and sell them yourself. They are all effect machines, and they are all done well

what effect machine

shop owner: they are all good machines, which can be copied

Xiao Guo told the traders that 3. At this stage, the experimental machine devices launched by different manufacturers said that this effect machine is a printer eliminated from Japan. They transported these old machines into China through illegal channels, and then began to sell them in the market after cleaning and assembly

shop owner: Japanese machines are more stable than domestic new machines

: why do you say so

shop owner: the machine itself is rarely used in Japan, and it is discarded when it is rarely used in Japan. Some machines are brought over, some have only printed hundreds of copies, some have printed thousands of copies, and generally it is printed for 20000 or 30000 copies in the company and then discarded. Domestic machines will not be discarded until they are out of use

it seems that Xiao Guo is really right. What is sold here is indeed secondhand goods that have been eliminated from abroad. Notice that this shop has no name, no business license, and the printers to be sold are all unpacked. The surface is full of dust, ink stains, and some even lack arms and legs. Several workers in the shop are busy scrubbing, assembling, and refurbishing

: you know these kinds of machines. How much are they generally sold in the market

worker: you can charge 1000 yuan or 900 yuan if you take it back. Generally, you can sell it for 800 yuan

: if you sell it, others will think it is fake, and others will say you are old

worker: it's old, it's second-hand. The new machine costs thousands of yuan, but we only sell it for 200 yuan. It must be two

shop owner: it's two, and it's never sold as a new machine

foreign garbage eliminated by foreign countries is so blatantly sold. Is it just an individual phenomenon for this shop to operate like this? What do you sell in other stores of HUAFA electric appliance Plaza? Go on, there are dozens of intelligent HP printers integrating printing and copying at the door of shop C12, but these machines are very old. Two workers are repairing them. The operation page is full of Japanese, and the voice prompts in this fax machine are also full of Japanese

: where did you get the goods? Is it from Japan

shop owner: Yes

: how much is this

store owner: 320


store owner: the price of 10 sets is the same

:10 is it cheap? 100 sets can't be cheap

store owner: no matter how many sets you have, the price is the same

: as much as you want

shop owner: Yes

but I saw some brand-new copiers in a nearby shop. When I asked, I learned that this shop was mainly responsible for renovating secondhand goods

store owner: you want to renovate, don't you

: Yes

shop owner: renovate the outside

: Yes

store owner: Yes, it can be cheaper together. Spray paint for 100 yuan, some for 200 yuan, this is a little bigger

: can you tell it's old when you disassemble it

shop owner: take it apart

: can it be seen that it is old

shop owner: inside

: can you tell it's second-hand

shop owner: you can see

: if you look carefully, you can see it

store owner: you can see it if you are a peer, but you can't see it if you are a layman

where are these refurbished e-waste sold

shop owner: all over the country are from here

: Why are you so easy to get goods here

store owner: this side is directly from Japan

: by sea? Take the boat

shop owner: Yes, take the boat

: These are all not used by the Japanese

shop owner: Yes

: that's garbage, isn't it foreign garbage

shop owner: don't say so

during the day, I found that during the day, the business of each store seemed to be very cold, and not too many people came to ask for prices. Only small workers were busy scrubbing and washing these foreign garbage, so what would HUAFA Plaza be like at night? After nightfall, I decided to have a night visit

snack stall owner: I know they come late at night

: what time does the goods usually arrive

snack stall owner: I'm not sure. Sometimes it's twoorthree o'clock, sometimes it's fourorfive o'clock, depending on what they come

the elder sister selling midnight snack near HUAFA electric appliance square told that the big order businesses in various shops here were transported in containers at night, According to paulmartin, President of OPM Aerospace Industrial: "Although the commercial additive manufacturing of polymers has appeared for a period of time, it is also transported by truck in the evening. Each shop has its own warehouse for storing electronic foreign garbage. Most of these warehouses are located in the village of HUAFA electric Plaza, and most people can't find them at all.

snack stall owners: when their goods come, those people are very nervous, and those people are surrounded by the goods.

: why?

snack stall owners : grab goods around

: How did they grab it

snack stall owner: I can't understand what they're talking about. Anyway, I know they'll find a small worker to pick up the goods immediately

sure enough, at about 9 o'clock in the evening, some trucks with Guangzhou or foreign license plates came quietly to the doors of several shops in the dark. At this time, all the closed rolling gates suddenly opened, and the workers quickly moved goods from the store box by box to the car

Xiao Guo: the door outside is closed. You can see nothing from the outside, but they do processing inside, because they know that those are not legitimate businesses. They also load goods at night. Whenever the car comes at night, they load goods, whether it's threeorfour or sevenoreight

at 11 p.m., the rolling gate of a shop near the street in the market was pulled down in half, and the trucks at the door also drove away one by one. It seems that the business of Dazhong has been almost completed

: how new

shop owner: these two copiers are not very new. We renovated the one inside

: what brand is it

store owner:

there is Canon brand, which is the same price as brother brand. The one is gray, and the one is renovated

: do you have a copy machine from canon

store owner: there is only one canon for the time being

: this one

store owner: all sold out, hundreds of them all sold out. There were more than a dozen left last night, and all sold out tonight, only one left

after this unannounced visit, it was found that this HUAFA electric appliance Plaza in Foshan, Guangdong Province has formed a one-stop business model of purchasing, refurbishing, selling and distributing e-waste, and its large scale and wide range of sales really surprised me

: where have those objects been sold

Xiao Guo: the farthest one is probably sold to Xinjiang. Look at Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Hubei and Hebei on our map of China

Xiao Guo told that the HUAFA square in Foshan is a transit station for e-waste. Those that look new and can be used after repair will be renovated and sent to the city to be sold as second-hand goods. There are also places for those that are too shabby. Longtang Town, Qingyuan City, more than 20 kilometers away from the HUAFA market, is the final treatment station for these e-waste, so he came to Longtang Town, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, On the roadside and a few motorcyclists,

eventually led to the reshaping of the ranking among leading enterprises

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