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Global sales of specialty chemicals will decline

the latest report released by Sri, the world's famous chemical consulting company, shows that global sales of specialty chemicals will fall by nearly 4% this year to $451billion. The extent of the impact of the financial crisis on various fields of specialty chemicals is different. The sales of electronic chemicals, plastic additives, textile chemicals, and specialty polymers have declined with the decline of their end-user demand, while other fields such as cosmetics chemicals, food additives, and industrial and public cleaners have been much less affected. Sri said that this situation will continue until some time next year, and then gradually improve. Global sales of specialty chemicals will rebound in 10 years with the rapid development of social economy. 20 it uses non-contact technology to monitor the displacement of movable magnets, reaching about $472billion in 2008. People have begun to focus on trying and implementing plastic recycling, reducing the use of plastics and the use and development of biodegradable plastics, and then gradually rise to the level of $530billion in 2013. Sri said that the inventory reduction of specialized chemicals has been basically completed, and the worst situation affected by the financial crisis may have passed, but the real recovery seems to have not yet arrived

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