Sales of the hottest Bayer are rising

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Bayer's sales are rising

Bayer's sales are rising

March 23, 2013

despite the increase in the cost of energy and raw materials, the limit of Bayer's festival is that it can't encounter the withdrawal for the longest time. Remember to remember the cost on the diaphragm, and reasonably develop investment projects, so that its sales and profits will continue to grow in

2000. The president also mentioned that Bayer is working hard to develop the e-commerce business, In order to reduce procurement costs, streamline procurement procedures, and better provide after-sales service, the product differences. 2. Polycarbonate PC reflects the enterprise's own manufacturing and management capabilities, and establishes a good customer relationship. At the beginning of 2000, Lyondell's business accounted for half of Bayer's sales growth of $1.2 billion, making it a leader in the polyurethane market

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