Salary leap in the hottest office equipment indust

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Salary leap in the office equipment industry

according to the industry index report of the sixth talent salary index, the office equipment and supplies industry can fully achieve 1% of the income ranking The construction of a regional sub center for testing and evaluation of new materials "fastest progress award". Compared with the 28th place in the previous report, the office equipment and supplies industry rose by 11 places, ranking 17th, which is the industry with the greatest progress. Related to this, the printing and packaging industry has improved by six places, ranking 23rd. In fact, the development speed of these two industries can be used as a reference index for economic prosperity, because the efficiency of the office equipment and supplies industry is closely related to the operating conditions of commercial companies, while the printing and packaging industry is a peripheral industry of manufacturing, trade and logistics, which is easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage. It will have a better development prospect only when the economic fundamentals tend to improve. (2) What is type approval and type evaluation? Therefore, there are big differences between different companies. The rapid growth of these two industries reflects the improvement of China's macroeconomic fundamentals from another side

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